mupen64plus for Linux

Mupen64Plus is a cross-platform plugin-based N64 emulator which is capable of accurately playing many games. Features include two OpenGL video plugins with Hi-resolution texture support, LIRC Infrared remote control support, Rumble Pak support, cheat system with gameshark code support, and speed adjustment with smooth sound output.

System Requirements:
CPU: AMD Athlon XP / Intel Pentium 4 or higher
Memory: 1GB Ram or higher
OS: Linux (32-bit & 64-bit)
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Installing & Using mupen64plus

 Installing via the Terminal:
 1. Open the Terminal and type in 'sudo apt-get install mupen64plus' then press Enter.
 2. Type in your password then press Enter.
 3. Enter 'Y' to confirm installing program and dependencies, then press Enter.

 Install via Synaptic Package Manager:
 1. Open Synaptic and search for 'mupen64plus'.
 2. Right-click on 'Mupen64Plus' in the list and select 'Mark For Installation'.
 3. Click 'OK' to install additional required dependencies.
 4. Click on the 'Apply' button then click 'OK'.
 Running mupen64plus via the Terminal:
 1. Download all the Roms you want into the same folder.
 2. Open the folder where the Roms are located and select 'Tools->Open current folder in Terminal'.
 3. Type in 'mupen64plus name-of-rom.n64' and press Enter to start a game.
 4. You can also enter the following commands before the filename for additional options:
    --help (shows a complete list of available commands)
    --fullscreen (will start the game in fullscreen)
    --windowed (will start the game in a window)
    --resolution (display resolution: 800x600, 1024x768, etc.)
    --configdir (change the configuration directory, default is '~/.config/mupen64plus/')
    --sshotdir (F12 to take a screenshot, default location is ' ~/.local/share/mupen64plus/screenshot/')
    --cheats (enable cheat codes for a given rom, enter 'mupen64plus --cheats list' to view a list of
      cheats if any are available, if available enter '--cheats 1,2,4' to enable certain cheats or enter
      '--cheats all' to enable all available cheats)

 Example: mupen64plus --fullscreen --resolution 1048x768 --cheats 1,3,5 super-mario-64.n64
 You can also edit the config file so you don't have to enter the commands above each time you start a game.
 1. Open the Config file in any text editor (default location is '~/.config/mupen64plus/mupen64plus.cfg').
 2. To automatically open a game in fullscreen mode, scroll down to [Video-General] and change fullscreen
     from false to true.
 3. To change the default resolution, scroll down to [Video-General] and change the ScreenWidth and
     ScreenHeight to your desirted resolution.
 4. Save and close the Config file. Once done you will no longer need to enter the fullscreen and
     resolution options in the command when starting a game.

Using a Controller with mupen64plus

By default, most Linux distros are plug-n-play when it comes to controllers, so you will not have to install any additional programs for them to work. Simply plug your controller into your computer before starting mupen64plus. You can also change the controller button layout in the Config file to suit your needs. Open the Config file and scroll down to [Input-SDL-Control1]. To best resemble a Nintendo 64 controller, use the following configurations:

  PlayStation 3/4:
   AnalogDeadzone = "4096,4096"
   AnalogPeak = "32768,32768"
   DPad R = "button(5)"
   DPad L = "button(7)"
   DPad D = "button(6)"
   DPad U = "button(4)"
   Start = "button(3)"
   Z Trig = "button(10)"
   B Button = "button(15)"
   A Button = "button(14)"
   C Button R = "axis(2+)"
   C Button L = "axis(2-)"
   C Button D = "axis(3+)"
   C Button U = "axis(3-)"
   R Trig = "button(11)"
   L Trig = "button(8)"
   X Axis = "axis(0-,0+)"
   Y Axis = "axis(1-,1+)"

  XBox 360:
   AnalogDeadzone = 4096,4096
   AnalogPeak = 32768,32768
   DPad R = hat(0 Right) button(12)
   DPad L = hat(0 Left) button(11)
   DPad D = hat(0 Down) button(14)
   DPad U = hat(0 Up) button(13)
   Start = button(8)
   Z Trig = button(4)
   B Button = button(2)
   A Button = button(0)
   C Button R = axis(3+)
   C Button L = axis(3-) button(3)
   C Button D = axis(4+) button(1)
   C Button U = axis(4-)
   R Trig = button(5)
   L Trig = axis(2+)
   Mempak switch = button(6)
   Rumblepak switch = button(7)
   X Axis = axis(0-,0+)
   Y Axis = axis(1-,1+)

Install & Use Mupen64Plus-Qt

Mupen64Plus-Qt is a basic frontend launcher for mupen64plus. It supports downloading game information and cover images from TheGamesDB website. You can use this instead of the Terminal to launch your games. To install Mupen64Plus-Qt, open the terminal and type 'sudo apt-get install mupen64plus-qt' or open Synaptic and search for 'mupen64plus-qt'.

 1. Open Mupen64Plus-Qt via the Start menu or Dash.
 2. Click 'Settings->Layout' and select you preferred layout view (the default is set to None, which
     will not show any games in the window).
 3. Click 'Setting->Configure' to open the Configuration settings.
 4. Under Rom Directories, click on the 'Add' button and select the folder where your Roms are located
     (you may need to restart Mupen64Plus-Qt for the games to show up in the window).
 5. To download game info and cover images, click 'Settings->Configure' then click on the 'Other' tab
     and select the 'Download game information' checkbox.
 6. Whenever you add more games to the Rom folder, you must click 'File->Refresh List' for them to
     show up in the window.
 7. Double-click on a game in the window to start it.

Mupen64Plus-Qt uses the mupen64plus configuration file when starting a game, so any changes you make to it as mentioned above will be applied. You can also edit the Configuation file in Mupen64Plus-Qt by clicking on 'Settings->Edit mupen64plus.cfg'.