Snes9X for Linux

Snes9x is one of the better SNES emulators of today. Written primarily in C++, Snes9x has been ported to several platforms and recent versions have focused on cleaning up the code and improving the emulation accuracy, with excellent results.

System Requirements:
CPU: AMD Athlon XP / Intel Pentium 4 or higher
Memory: 512MB Ram or higher
OS: Linux (32-bit or 64-bit)
Download Snes9X Now

Installing & Using Snes9X:

 1. Open your preferred text editor and copy the following code into it:


 2. Save the file as '' to any folder on your computer.
 3. Right-click on the file and select 'Properties'.
 4. Click on the Permissions tab and change Execute to 'Only Owner and Group'
     then click OK.
 5. Double-click on the file and select 'Execute in Terminal'.
     (Note: the installation will take a while to complete. If the installation
      is successful, the Terminal window will automatically close.)
 6. Download all the Roms you want into any folder.
 7. Click on the Start button or Dash and select 'Run'.
 8. Type in 'snes9x-gtk' then press Enter to start Snes9X.
 9. To open a game, click on 'File->Open Rom Image' and navigate to the folder
     where you downloaded the Roms.
10. To view fullscreen mode, click on 'View->Fullscreen'. (You can also have all
     games automatically open in fullscreen by clicking on 'Options->Preferences'
     and checking the 'Use Fullscreen on Rom open' checkbox.)

Using a Controller with Snes9X

By default, most Linux distros are plug-n-play when it comes to controllers, so you will not have to install any additional programs for them to work. Simply plug your controller into your computer before starting Snes9X. To configure the keyboard or controller buttons in Snes9x, click on 'Options->Preferences' then click on the Joypads tab.